Saturday, 7 January 2012

Wipe Out!

yo! sup people of  Earth?! PAUSE..........forget i asked that please save your answers! -__-
So...I'm back again! I decided to talk about something quite important today..Something I'm sure a number people can relate to.
I promise after this post we can go back to being light....agreed? yes? thank you!
Lets move on. well I'm sure we are all aware of the dire state our country 'Nigeria' is in....and if you are a Nigerian and not aware you should probably be sold for 50 litres of petrol! That should be of more use to anybody than your very existence.
Moving on.....the topic of this post 'Wipe Out!' was chosen because i feel that's what is about to happen to us Nigerians. Yes! i believe we are about to be wiped out from this very planet! Do Not Ask Me Why Bro! but I'm gon tell you anyways...i just don't like being asked 'why' ^_^
Between the 'Bokos Haramus' occurences and the idiocracy of our 'beloved' president.....I have no other choice than to think this. So much is going on in this country and all efforts made to curb this 'evils' has been found futile!
I have absolutely no interest in politicians and their affairs but i do give a damn about how much i pay for fuel! The removal of the subsidy is obviously a huge blow to Nigerians and apparently the ones that go around making such decisions are not being affected in any way! So yea! I'm truly pissed!
Well I hope y'all see the point of this post.....cuz i don't -__- I'm just another annoyed citizen who happens to have a blog to vent upon.
On a serious note tho people please pray for your country so we wont end up being wiped out and have to flee to cotonou to start all over. *straight face*
Well that's all for now folks....See y'all next time! nd please share some Love today! :D

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