Wednesday, 11 January 2012

BISOLA's Day!! :D

HELLO!! again people! I missed dis feels lyk 10 years since i last posted...evn tho its like 3 days...Lol
Anyways....So yesterday, the 10th of January, was my dear friend, Bisola's bday! It was a special day of course....her being a year older et all.
We did normal bday know..take pictures, wish her happy bday and of course, take more pictures! :D
The theme was supposed to be white sumn...but CU decided not to give us light that morning and so i couldnt iron my white...but she still felt the Love!
Here are a few of the pictures tho :)

Bisola! the birthday child looking skenzy!  
Love the pink bag muchos :)

Nimi B...and d birthday girl on!

Nimi B again...the orange bag tho! #cute

Me and the birthday girl!


                                                                   Oye D!! and Bisola

                                                                        WE again! :D

                                                                the bathroom slippers tho x_X


                                                             And finally Me and Bisola!

The day was a good day...If not for the strike coulda been much more fun...but still, a very good day! Loads of Love in the atmosphere and all.
Well i have to go try and study now...hope y'all are well..Will be back in a bit with more pictures of what's happening over here...but until then #TakeCare! :*

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