Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday The 13th!!

how y'all bin?? Good i presume! Lets move on shall we? 
As we all know today is friday...the 13th. Supposed to be a bad luck day..very very spooky if you ask me *shrugs*
Some seriously bad ish happened today we Accounting students. Really long story i cant type all about it right now. Maybe some other time...k? great!
Well you all should be safe just wnid to check up on y'all 

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

BISOLA's Day!! :D

HELLO!! again people! I missed dis feels lyk 10 years since i last posted...evn tho its like 3 days...Lol
Anyways....So yesterday, the 10th of January, was my dear friend, Bisola's bday! It was a special day of course....her being a year older et all.
We did normal bday know..take pictures, wish her happy bday and of course, take more pictures! :D
The theme was supposed to be white sumn...but CU decided not to give us light that morning and so i couldnt iron my white...but she still felt the Love!
Here are a few of the pictures tho :)

Bisola! the birthday child looking skenzy!  
Love the pink bag muchos :)

Nimi B...and d birthday girl on!

Nimi B again...the orange bag tho! #cute

Me and the birthday girl!


                                                                   Oye D!! and Bisola

                                                                        WE again! :D

                                                                the bathroom slippers tho x_X


                                                             And finally Me and Bisola!

The day was a good day...If not for the strike coulda been much more fun...but still, a very good day! Loads of Love in the atmosphere and all.
Well i have to go try and study now...hope y'all are well..Will be back in a bit with more pictures of what's happening over here...but until then #TakeCare! :*

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunday Fashion! :D

Hello again people :) As we all know today is Sunday!! Yay!...One of those days where we see different types of 'Fashion' and style.
For some reason...girls (CU girls) get all dolled up on this day....I have no idea why...but i definitely love seeing different people in their different outfits....I personally get a lot of inspiration from watching this 'Sunday Fashion'!
I have a lot of stylish friends and I'd love to show them to you...and what better day to show you my friends than when they look like they stepped out of some Glam Style magazine! :D
Here are a few of them and me of course!...

Onyinlola!! my cute cute friend with the smallest lips ever!

                                          Kofo looking fab and Chioma creeping into the picture with the 'pout'!

                                       Me!...Laughing..Cant remember wot was funny tho...:D

                    Vanessa!! Looking Stylish with the colour blocking tingy going on..and check out dem heels tho!

                                   Chioma! Lovng the whole brown theme and the shades! Way to go B!

                                              Vanessa and Chioma looking drop dead #FAB!

                              Up, Close And Personal With Chioma....Check out the neckpiece!

                                     Plain and Simple ol' Me! I finally got myself together and took a normal picture!

                                          Damilola! Bestest friend in the world Looking Simple and Chic

                                                                         Me and Dami!!

                                                          Kofo with the pout and Dami!

                                                         Stylish Ekem and Ugochi.....So cute

I really do love this picture of Kofo...there's something really classy about it

                                             And Finally.....Me, Uwa and Bisola....I Think We look Good! Don't u?

That's about all for today's Sunday Fashion....I feel very inspired..I bet you do too ^_^
Well i'l catch up with y'all in a bit..Hope u enjoyed seeing my friends cuz i did!
Have a Fab week ahead...*kisses*

Saturday, 7 January 2012

What goes On In School!

Its the period before examinations!! And guess what your favourite blogger's doing??
Yep! Taking pictures x_X
       I repeat nothing too fantastic....just plain ol' Me!!.....btw i think my twisting turned out ok...wont u say?? :D         


Well that's all for now folks...Off to go study! *kisses*

Wipe Out!

yo! sup people of  Earth?! PAUSE..........forget i asked that please save your answers! -__-
So...I'm back again! I decided to talk about something quite important today..Something I'm sure a number people can relate to.
I promise after this post we can go back to being light....agreed? yes? thank you!
Lets move on. well I'm sure we are all aware of the dire state our country 'Nigeria' is in....and if you are a Nigerian and not aware you should probably be sold for 50 litres of petrol! That should be of more use to anybody than your very existence.
Moving on.....the topic of this post 'Wipe Out!' was chosen because i feel that's what is about to happen to us Nigerians. Yes! i believe we are about to be wiped out from this very planet! Do Not Ask Me Why Bro! but I'm gon tell you anyways...i just don't like being asked 'why' ^_^
Between the 'Bokos Haramus' occurences and the idiocracy of our 'beloved' president.....I have no other choice than to think this. So much is going on in this country and all efforts made to curb this 'evils' has been found futile!
I have absolutely no interest in politicians and their affairs but i do give a damn about how much i pay for fuel! The removal of the subsidy is obviously a huge blow to Nigerians and apparently the ones that go around making such decisions are not being affected in any way! So yea! I'm truly pissed!
Well I hope y'all see the point of this post.....cuz i don't -__- I'm just another annoyed citizen who happens to have a blog to vent upon.
On a serious note tho people please pray for your country so we wont end up being wiped out and have to flee to cotonou to start all over. *straight face*
Well that's all for now folks....See y'all next time! nd please share some Love today! :D

Friday, 6 January 2012

My First :)

HI! Again :)
I decided to upload a few pictures......Nothing spectacular ohh...Just bestie.....nd more me :D
Not Like I'm Vain Or Nothing tho.....I Just Rily Love Taking Pictures!
Hope You Like Em....Ttyl! :*

Its Us :)

Say Hi!

Hi! Lets quickly brush thru the intros shall we? ok? Cool!
well basically I'm a girl with many names...I'm just to awesome to stick with one ^_^  You could call me Ese tho! or Roman or wateva d hell u want to....I answer all.
This blog is just me expressing myself with words and pictures...please note that I am NOT a if ur lookn 4 style inspiration...u may be disappointed -__-
but please do stick around....
Thank You!